1965: The Minstrel Show -- Or Civil Rights in a Cracker Barrel
which contained silent film: O Dem Watermelons

1966, Tour: Pacific Northwest, Southern CA

1967, Tour: ?

Written by RGDavis & Saul Landau
Music by Steve Reich
Directed by R.G. Davis
O Dem Watermelons written by Robert Nelson, Saul Landau & R.G. Davis

A MINSTREL SHOW featured George Matthews, John Broderick, Juio Martinez,
Malachi Spicer (Kai Spiegel), Willie B. Hart, Jr., Jason Marc-Alexander & Robert Slattery
and musician Carl Granich

Additional performers in subsequent tours Peter Cohon (Coyote), R.G. Davis,
Lee Vaughn, Ron Stallings, Goe Bellan, Chuck Wiley, George Mathews & Van Marsh

Original playbill missing
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View playbill, year?
View playbill, year?

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Poster Design:

The Mime Troupe's first touring show and introduction to the national spotlight, this incendiary piece presented a cast of black and white actors all in black face, performing a twisted version of an old-time minstrel show. A bold commentary on the state of race relations and the civil rights movement, the national tour was sponsored by SDS, SNCC and other leftist groups, and was both condemned as "vulgar and obscene" and praised as "honest and vital;" regardless, arrests, protests, bans and cancellations marked the tour - a real signed of success as far as the Mime Troupe is concerned!
Production Photo

Photographer: Neil Robert Miller
Pictured: (l-r) John Broderick, RGDavis,
and Jason Marc-Alexander

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