1989: Seeing Double.

Fall of 1989, Tour: ?

Fall of 1990, Tour: Israel & Palestine

Written by Sinai Peter, Joan Holden, Emily Shihadeh, Jody Hirsh, Henri Picciotto,
      Nabil Al-Hadithy & Isa Nidal Totah with Harvey Varga, Arthur Holden & Nidal Nazzal
Music by Bruce Barthol & Randy Craig
Lyrics by Bruce Barthol with Randy Craig & Isa Nidal Totah
Directed by Daniel Chumley

SEEING DOUBLE featured Keiko Shimosato Carreiro, Robin Karfo, Arthur Holden,
Michael Gene Sullivan, Ed Holmes, Sigrid Wurschmidt, Eric Mills & Isa Nidal Totah
and band members Randy Craig, Dan Hart, Elliot Humberto Kavee & Kathleen Ortiz

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Poster Design: Salim Yaqub

A young Jewish-American and a young Palestinian-American travel to the Israeli occupied West Bank - and find themselves standing in one another's shoes. A plane crash, amnesia, a mix-up in papers, non-stop action and a surprise ending all point toward a two-state solution for the region.

The Troupe was ultimately fortunate enough to perform "Seeing Double" at the 1990 Israel Festival in Jerusalem, then cross the border into Palestine to perform it again; welcomed with equal warmth and enthusiasm on both sides of the aisle, literally.
Production Photo

Photographer: Neil Robert Miller
Pictured: (l-r) Michael Gene Sullivan, ??, ??

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